Writing exercise for a progressive campaign for Europe.

I had the occasion to do some writing exercise for a progressive campaign for Europe. Below is the collection of original texts written in this context.


The ongoing democratic, economical and environmental crises all tell the same story: the established order has no future. Everywhere, its alleged rationalism shows in fact deep injustice, absurdity and chaos. We are but no fouls of its workings: capital speculation against affordable housing, Panama Papers against squeezed wages, data economy against our privacy… Neoliberal and technocratic tyrannies play each of us against the others, individually and at state level, while ruining our natural environment. Thus there are many of us who are already fed up with the established order.

The idea itself that there is no alternative to neoliberalism signals a deep crisis of collective imagination. But this neoliberal hegemony also shows signs of decline, as tell us the rise in right populists’ ideas. Here and now lie therefore as much opportunity as necessity for socially progressive forces to gather – and in fact we are already gaining momentum. By gathering all those forces, we will show that another Europe is indeed not only possible – but already in the making! We believe that we have a common future in a visionary, democratic and socially engaged Europe.

It is not because democracy has been made too often to serve the powerful that we should throw it away. It is not because the European ideal has receded into pure economical concerns that we should disown it. If we do so, neoliberal and technocratic imperatives will definitely win over our common interest for meaningful and socially embedded lives. It is those very tyrannies which have to be exposed and taken down, and we believe that deepening democracy at the European level can do just that.


The path towards more justice and equality has come along struggles and visions – and with them vast improvements in rights and benefits for each and every of us. The French Revolution was the utopian dream of the Parisian populace against the tyranny of the monarchy. It ended up being the democratic ideal of a continent. And the European Integration was again the impossible dream of the aftermath of the war.

Time has now come again for a new vision. We believe in a Europe who departs from the common interest of its peoples and values our cultures in their diversity, a Europe who makes possible a decent and purposeful life, where each one of us can contribute to society. We believe that Europe has the means and the capacity to stand true to its proclaimed fundamental values of “respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law”. Thus, first we will remind Europe to its ideal.

The future of Europe hasn’t been decided yet, and we definitely have the main role in it. We are its leaders!

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