Sustainable open futures

2.11.20 | Rather than a matter of reducing CO2 emissions, sustainability pertains in fact to the nature and structure of relations within a given ecosystem, and is not definable in itself. Thus it acts as a question which can only receive situated, contextual answers. In this way, sustainability can be made a site of empowerment, where awareness for present needs, purposes, and opportunities, replaces setting predetermined targets (such as that of reaching net zero CO2 emissions). This itself represents nothing else but a change of future paradigm: from a future envisioned as a target to be reached in a more or less distant time-space (the naturalized way of thinking about the future in terms of making plans, i.e. forecasting or foresight) to futures envisioned as open-ended processes in the making. Rather than finding orientation for the future, the aim then becomes instead that of keeping futures open.